August 9, 2016

#35 Chris Heuertz on Contemplative Activism | Founding Partner of Gravity & Author of Unexpected Gifts

Chris Heuertz joins me to talk about contemplative activism and community, including:

  • The one thing church planters need to know when starting a community
  • Why solitude, silence, and stillness are so critical for our world right now
  • Why some people are surrounded by community but still so lonely
  • Why some Christians are scared of contemplative practice
  • What Christian organizations need to learn about handling transitions
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Chris Heuertz, along with his wife, Phileena, is a founding partner of Gravity, a center for contemplative activism based in Omaha, Nebraska that helps people “to do good better” by hosting a weekly prayer sit, leading contemplative retreats and pilgrimages, providing spiritual direction, and facilitating Enneagram consultations. Prior to starting Gravity, the Heuertzes started and served for 20 years with Word Made Flesh, a non-profit organization that extends love and care to the most vulnerable in some of the world’s poorest slums, red light areas, and places of intense human suffering. Chris is the author of Unexpected Gifts: Discovering the Way of Community, which explores how the challenges of community, such as betrayal, failure, and doubt, can actually become unexpected gifts.


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