Church plants and neighborhood church expressions of all kinds often have big hopes for community and "mission", but our ability to truly grow in both of these areas depends on our capacity to name and navigate conflict. In this episode I talk about Master of None, the Tunnel of Chaos, and the Transfiguration as I explore why it's tempting to ignore conflict and identify 3 practices to help faith communities begin to acknowledge the presence of conflict.

In which I explore how things like Spanish currency, Beyonce's "Formation," and massages might be telling us it's time replace the language of "Making Disciples."

February 9, 2016

#4 Grace/Space/Pace

In which I examine how stories from a 1960's ad campaign and visits to the wilderness teach us how to tend to our hearts.

In which stories about Laquan McDonald, Henri Nouwen, and a morning jog explore how movements for change depend on your neighborhood church, which depends on your heart.