August 2, 2016

#34 Linking Across Parishes (Five Signs of the Parish Movement, Part 5)

In this episode, I explore the fifth of the Five Signs of the Parish Movement, “Linking Across Parishes,” by talking about what the Apostle Paul teaches us about linking, why linking is a spiritual discipline, and three ways neighborhood church expressions can practice linking across parishes.

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Series Summary: Parish church expressions are emerging in neighborhoods everywhere. Whatever they are called - neighborhood church plants, missional communities, neomonastic communities, faith-based social enterprises - these diverse expressions seem to exhibit five common signs as they join God’s renewal in their particular places. In this five part series, I explore the Five Signs of the Parish Movement:
Linking Across Parishes: Actively connecting with other Christian communities across parishes regionally and globally, we grow in mutual learning, friendship, and life giving partnership.


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